Equinor is Britain’s leading energy provider, producing the stable and secure energy needed today, while developing the clean solutions we need for the energy of tomorrow.

While our roots are Norwegian, we’re no newcomers to Britain. For over 40 years we’ve played a key role in Britain’s energy security, supplying oil, gas and wind power. Now we’re committed to playing a key role in helping the UK achieve a smooth energy transition, while creating the jobs and income needed to ensure thriving communities in Britain.

About Equinor

We’re a multinational energy company with a strong presence in the UK. Worldwide, we are 22,000 employees in 30 countries, and our headquarters are in Stavanger, Norway. Our aim is to take a leading role in the energy transition to net zero. Our portfolio of projects includes oil & gas, offshore wind, solar, hydrogen, and carbon capture & storage.

Low-carbon solutions

For over 20 years we have been storing carbon dioxide in reservoirs deep beneath the Norwegian North Sea and producing hydrogen from natural gas.

Now we’re putting the two together in the UK, helping develop the East Coast Cluster into a global leader in low carbon technologies, with an ambition to link the Humber and Teesside to permanent storage under the North Sea.

We’re proud to be working with partners across the Humber to make the region the UK’s first net zero industrial cluster. Transitioning from fossil fuels to low carbon hydrogen is pivotal in launching the UK on its way to net zero by 2050. Hydrogen provides a practical, scalable solution to decarbonise existing industries that currently depend on fossil fuels. Our H2H Saltend project can play a leading role in the UK’s journey, renew the UK’s largest industrial cluster, and unlock technology that will put the UK at the forefront of a global hydrogen economy. The hydrogen produced at Saltend Chemicals Park can be utilised for cross-sector decarbonisation of industry, power, transport and heat. Future expansion of hydrogen projects in the region could see production of enough low carbon hydrogen to start the decarbonisation of domestic heat in the north of England.

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"Working at Equinor has allowed me to witness first-hand the decision-making and actions driving the energy transition, giving me the chance to understand, influence, and contribute to shaping it."

Thomasina, Participant in Equinor's graduate programme

Offshore wind

We’re the company behind the wind farms at Sheringham Shoal and Dudgeon off the Norfolk coast — as well as Hywind Scotland. Now we’re developing the world’s largest offshore wind farm: Dogger Bank, off the East Yorkshire coast.

We’re a global leader in offshore wind drawing on our expertise in offshore energy to help the UK reach its net zero targets. By 2030, 5 million British homes will be powered by electricity from Equinor’s UK offshore wind farms — taking us from megawatts to gigawatts.

Powering the energy transition in the UK

The UK is on a path to reach net zero by 2050. In today’s world it is essential that we strike a balance, providing energy security while also enabling the energy transition.

As the country’s leading energy provider, Equinor is committed to playing a key role in delivering these needs and building a broad energy partnership with the UK.


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