What is Labour Market Information?

“LMI is good quality information about what is happening now, and is expected to happen in the future, in the local, regional and national job market.”

Why is LMI important?

LMI is important information that can help you make good decisions, and have realistic expectations, about your future learning and career choices.

What can LMI tell us?

  • What jobs exist and where they are located
  • Which jobs are growing and which jobs are declining
  • The skills and qualifications that employers require for a particular job
  • The number of jobs in different sectors and any changes that might affect this in the future
  • The hours of work and pay that you are likely to earn
  • The entry routes into different careers and employment sectors

Where can you find LMI?

  • Official employment statistics agencies, for example the Office for National Statistics
  • Local council, local enterprise partnership and chamber of commerce websites
  • Watching the news on television, reading the news online, reading trade journals and local newspapers
  • On websites which specialise in advertising jobs and careers
  • Speaking to family and friends about what they do in their job or asking teachers or careers advisors
  • Researching companies, professional institutes, academic institutions and sector skills councils online and following them on social media
  • Taking part in work experience
  • You might even find LMI when you’re walking around your local area, or you are out in the car by looking out for new businesses which are opening. Look attheir website, find out what they do and find out what types of jobs they might create

Sources of local and national LMI

Nomis – official census and labour market statistics

Office for National Statistics

The East Riding Intelligence Hub

Kingston Upon Hull Data Observatory

Hull & East Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership – local skills report & skills dashboard

Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development – labour market outlook

National Careers Service

SACU LMI Explorer

Higher Education Statistics Agency